Study Guide Exam 1 Fall 2013

  1. Definition media literacy

Changes in media due to technology

Definition mass media, plus examples

Strengths/weaknesses of mass media

Impact of media on society

Definition culture, plus examples

Definition communication

Five eras of communication, with description of each

Modern mass communication started with what?

Definition mass communication

First mass marketed product in history

Social and cultural changes after the printing press was invented

Definition digital communication

Definition media convergence

Examples of media convergence

Social scientific model of media

Linear model of mass communication

Cultural model of mass communication

Culture as a skyscraper

Culture as a map

Critical analysis process

Definition internet

Internet became a mass medium when

Early history of Internet

Why was internet developed

What was it first called

Three stages of development of internet

Definition of web 1.0

Definition of web 2.0

Three technological developments that made media convergence possible

Why is internet popular

USA Patriot Act

Definition user-generated sites

Concerns or problems related to the internet

Digital divide

Citizen journalism

Participatory journalism

Describe the past 20 years of the media business

Define consolidation

Define diversification

Why is diversity of ownership important in media

Define monopoly

Define oligopoly

Define limited competition

Why and when did Congress develop regulations to encourage competition

What president started the trend of deregulation in the 20th century

What president continued the trend?

What was the result of the deregulation of business by these two administrations

What was the result of the Telecommunications Act of 1996

What are some trends of media industries today

Define flexible market

Define synergy

What company is a great example of synergy

Describe how that company uses synergy

What is the goal of antitrust laws

How do companies get around antitrust laws

Define cultural imperialism

Discuss Ben Bagdikian and the Media Monopoly

List the top six media corporations.


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