Study Guide Exam 2 Fall 2013

  1. What is public relations?
  2. How does public relations differ from advertising?
  3. What are some tasks the pr staff perform
  4. What is publicity?
  5. What can a company do to overcome bad publicity?
  6. Discuss public relations for  blue jeans and Kraft food.
  7. Discuss the earliest pr workers.
  8. Name them and discuss each.
  9. Discuss the use of pr by early railroads and utility companies.
  10. What happened to the reputation of public relations?
  11. Discuss the birth of modern public relations.
  12. Name the pioneers of modern public relations and discuss their beliefs.
  13. Discuss Poison Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays.
  14. Discuss the tensions between pr and journalism.
  15. What has public relations done to enhance its reputation?
  16. Discuss the public relations business today.
  17. Discuss the specialties of public relations work.
  18. Discuss early historical evidence of advertising from ancient times through the mid-1800s.
  19. Discuss the first national advertising.
  20. Discuss newspaper space brokers.
  21. Discuss the first full-service modern agency.
  22. Discuss patent medicine ads.
  23. Discuss deception in advertising.
  24. What four organizations were formed to battle deception in advertising?
  25. Discuss product differentiation and brand-name recognition.
  26. Discuss packaging and branding.
  27. What are some of the early brands?
  28. In the late 1800s, the big demand for advertising came from what businesses?
  29. How much of a newspaper is ads?
  30. How did advertising influence life in the 20th century?
  31. Why does a lot of advertising target women?
  32. Discuss stereotypes in advertising.
  33. When did advertising experience a decline?
  34. What was advertising like during WWII?
  35. Discuss the War Advertising Council and the Ad Council.
  36. Discuss slogans.
  37. Discuss visual design in ads.
  38. What are mega-agencies?  Name four.
  39. What are boutique agencies?
  40. Discuss the four departments of an ad agency.  What does each do?
  41. Discuss psychographics and VALS.
  42. Discuss the ad techniques used to persuade consumers.
  43. Discuss the association principle.
  44. Discusss product placement.
  45. Discuss issues in advertising.
  46. Discuss cigarette advertising.
  47. How is advertising changing today?
  48. What are some ways for ads to stand out?
  49. Discuss advertising and the internet.
  50. Discuss native advertising.

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