Research Assignment/Speech Guidelines  (Fall 2013)

Value: 300 points total (paper=200 points, speech=100 points)

Due: ______________________________(write your due date here as assigned in class)

This is a two (2) part research project.

It includes one (1) written paper and one (1) oral presentation.

Both are due on the same day.

Each student will receive his/her topic and due date from the instructor in class.

Each student is expected to write down his/her topic and due date and remember it.

Each student will be given a different due date and a different topic.  (Click here for topics/dates)

General guidelines for Research Assignment/Speech:

  1. Topic must be thoroughly researched with at least five sources.
  2. Paper must be carefully proofread and error-free.
  3. Speech must be both educational and entertaining.
  4. If you have an unexcused absence on the day of the speech you will not be allowed to make it up and will receive a zero (0) for that portion of the assignment.   I will accept the written portion of the assignment but I will automatically subtract ten percent per day from the grade you receive.
  5. You must sign the instructor’s dated register when you turn in your paper.

Guidelines for written paper:

1.     Three to five pages, typed and double-spaced.

2.     Include an additional page for  “Sources cited.”

3.     Staple pages together.

4.     Use APA format.

5.     Include a variety of types of sources.

6.     Well-organized and well-written.

7.     Factual and informative.

8.     Emphasize hard data and information.

9.     REMEMBER: This is not an opinion paper, this is a research paper.

Guidelines for speech:

1.     Five to ten minutes in length.

2.     Interesting for the class.

3.     Creativity in format is encouraged.

4.     Practice, practice, practice.

5.     Be animated in your delivery.

6.     Use your best speaking skills.

7.     Include a Powerpoint slideshow.

9.      Any evidence of “cut and paste” information (plagiarism) in the slides will result in an automatic zero (0) for the speech portion of the project.


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